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Barista Skills

Fundamental Barista Skills

This course serves as our starting point for both experienced and new Baristas. Experienced Baristas will re-engage and practice the skills, practices and concepts that are required to produce high quality espresso coffee. For new Baristas, this is a chance to gain the core skills necessary to get started in the specialty coffee industry.

Workflow and troubleshooting

Our Workflow and Troubleshooting course is the perfect follow-on for both experienced and inexperienced shop based baristas who have completed Fundamental Barista Skills. Learners will set-up a grinder to achieve high quality results, troubleshoot the many issues which arise, and produce a range of standard espresso beverages in a high-paced workflow simulation.

Advanced Barista Skills

Suitable for those who can confidently setup equipment and prepare espresso using methods outlined in Fundamental Barista Skills and Workflow and Troubleshooting, this course delves deeply in to the theory, practical skills and tasting ability required to achieve high levels of quality and consistency with espresso coffee.

Latte Art techniques

This class is dedicated to producing great milk, splitting that milk up accurately and producing a range of free poured latte-art patterns. It serves as a great primer for the inexperienced to practice steaming, and provides those with great steaming skills a chance to hone their pouring skills further.

Courses in Stanmore, NSW

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Sensory skills, analysis and brewing

Sensory skills and Coffee Knowledge

In this session, we will explore and develop the Sensory Skills required to appreciate high quality coffee outside of an espresso context. We will discuss what’s involved in the growth, production and roasting to achieve outstanding coffee quality and flavour, and taste our way through several examples coffees which have different processing method and origin.

Fundamentals of Manual Brewing

In this course we will explore some easy and repeatable methods for brewing with a pourover and steeped filter coffee methods. This course also explores the fundamental knowledge, theory and tasting skills required to analyse our brewing results and adjust brew parameters for better results.

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ABA opening hours over the end of year period

Posted by Andrew Easthope on
Thursday, 18 December 2014 in
Coffee News

The ABA will be closed for a duration of the holiday period – please read this news post for more information.

How to use our courses

Posted by Andrew Easthope on
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 in
Coffee News

If want to get the absolute best results out of our training, we’ve prepared a helopful guide for you! Check it out inside.

Our Fundamentals course is now 4 hours long

Posted by Andrew Easthope on
Friday, 05 September 2014 in
Coffee News

Our Fundamental Barista skills course has been extended from 3.5 to 4 hours – find out why

Night and Saturday classes online for WA and VIC

Posted by Andrew Easthope on
Tuesday, 04 February 2014 in
Coffee News

Evening and Saturday classes are now online for both Victorian and Western Australian ABAs. Come experience the excellent training we provide at a convenient time!